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Roads are potentially more dangerous during Lock-down

We all know the roads are generally very quiet now, no more rush hour jams either.
This has led to many of us putting our foot down a bit.

The Police have stopped drivers travelling at nearly 120 mph on empty roads and twice the speed limit in built up areas. But we should all consider before we make any journey, even one within the laws of the land. Is this really necessary? Should the worst happen can our emergency services cope?

The NHS is dealing with a pandemic which is putting significant pressure on resources and its attention must be focused on those who really need it at this unprecedented time. Over the coming days and weeks, hospitals may be overwhelmed by patients affected by COVID-19 so driving sensibly will not only improve the safety of all road users, it will also free up paramedics and hospitals to deal with the sick.

The police are busy keeping the public safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and enforcing social distancing guidelines and their resources should be focused on that, rather than having to deal with speeding drivers or worse, being called to the scene of a tragic, yet preventable road traffic collision.

Most of those taking their daily exercise by walking or jogging are following the Government’s social distancing guidelines. In residential areas this means sharing narrow paths may become increasingly difficult. Many pedestrians will choose to cross to the other side of the road to avoid getting too close to others or even walk in the road to provide enough space between themselves and others on the pavement.

Many people are using cycling as their daily ‘allowance’ of exercise or for commuting where they cannot work from home. Cyclists will also be exercising social distancing which means they may also need to move into the middle of the road to protect others on nearby pavements or when overtaking other cyclists on the road. More than ever, these vulnerable road users need drivers to look out for them.

With so many people working from home during lock-down, residential roads are likely to have a higher proportion of parked vehicles on the street. This means it will be harder for drivers to spot pedestrians crossing the road between parked vehicles – another reason to go at safe speeds and remain alert.

How ever you are keeping yourself occupied during Lock-down, stay home and stay safe. We look forward to seeing you soon on the other side.

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