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Let's All Keep Busy During Lockdown

We all have a lot more time on our hands than we normally would at this present time. Here are some great ideas to help you keep busy at home and stop any boredom creeping in.

1. Family time
From video calls to chat groups, communication is as important now as it has ever been with some family members and friends having to isolate on their own. Having regular chats with everyone that you love is really important and is also a great way to pass the time. Catch up with pals over a virtual brunch or call your grandparents for regular catch ups. Every conversation matters and it can really help to break up the day for everyone.
Family time within the home can be really fun too. Of course you may get on each other's nerves a little more due to constantly being together but this time can also be used to really bond together. Have board game afternoons, cook together, teach one another a skill that you have, exercise together, create challenges and just generally spend time together as a family unit.
2. Get quizzical
Following on from board games, if you've already exhausted these it could be time to become a quizmaster! Round your friends and family up and take it in turns to run a quiz each week. You could theme it with something you all love such as films or food or simply have general knowledge rounds. You could even create a picture round by using simple computer presentation programs and emailing worksheets out to the group. Use video calling to see everyone's reactions and make sure you keep a leaderboard of the winners!
3. Catch up with the latest series
If you usually find yourself behind on the latest TV series that everyone is talking about, now is the perfect time to catch up! There are plenty of streaming services and on-demand players available from all channels, free and paid so this is the perfect time to grab some popcorn and settle down on the sofa guilt-free.
4. Move!
Whether it's your daily walk, tackling a distance running app, doing HIIT workouts, training in your at home gym or practicing yoga, exercising is a great way to keep active, healthy and bust boredom! Plus, smashing a workout will definitely make those TV evenings feel sweeter.
Loads of gyms, fitness studios and personal trainers are offering free workouts for all abilities on social media so all you need is an internet connection and a bit of space to get involved. Live workouts can be really motivating if you're struggling without a class around you to spur you on. Why not give them a try?
5. At-home spa days
Time for a pamper? We say that it definitely is. If you're always on the go and find it hard to take time for yourself, this has to be the perfect excuse. Run a bath, paint your nails, investigate your face mask collection or do a foot soak followed by a pedicure. A perfect time filler and you'll feel great afterwards too.
6. Learn and improve
If you're feeling up to it, having spare time can be great for doing little jobs such as updating your CV or even creating CVs for older teenagers and university students. If you're feeling really studious you could take up an online course on a topic that you'd like to learn about or would enhance your current job role.
7. DIY and gardening
Mowing the lawn and weeding can be tasks put to the wayside during busy daily life but with the sun shining, it's ideal to be out in the garden getting some exercise and tidying things up. Clean down any garden furniture ready for BBQs and alfresco dining or plant some seeds that you've been meaning to get around to.
In the house, if you have the correct tools already there's nothing stopping you changing the odd door handle, painting a room or even full on redecorating! There will always be little DIY jobs to do like hanging pictures and repairing creaky hinges and it's really satisfying when even something small has been rectified.
8. Give yourself a reading challenge
Whether it's your favourite book, non-fiction or even that stack of magazines that's been sitting unread for a couple of months - get stuck back into your neglected subscription or pile of books next to your bed and wile away the hours either in the sunshine or curled up on the sofa. Bliss.
9. Embrace social media
Social media has become the go-to place for skills sharing and learning something new. With everything from outfit ideas to making your own pasta plus cook along shows and crafty ideas. Find your tribe, follow some new accounts and you could even share some skills of your own. Do you play an instrument, sew or love fitness? You could easily share your own skills on social media by posting videos or photos on your main feed.
10. Organisation
Well, it is spring after all! A spring clean could be truly in order, check out our top tips for deep cleaning your house and even our four steps to an organised home. Tackle junk drawers, wardrobes and kitchen cupboards for a cleansing sort out. Deep clean the bathroom and reward yourself with a spa evening afterwards! Wash sofa covers and cushions and relax into a fresh smelling living room for your TV marathon. Whatever you tidy, sort, clean or organise, you'll feel like a weight has been lifted afterwards.

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