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Latest news on Nottingham's e-scooter trials.

Twelve people have received a permanent ban from using Nottingham City Council’s experimental e-scooter scheme over their reckless behaviour.
More than 900 people have also been given warnings and more than 40 people have been banned temporarily.
Concerns have been raised about some e-scooter users riding too fast, and in some incidents people have been badly hurt after colliding with vehicles.
Wind Mobility, which operates the scheme on behalf of Nottingham City Council, launched a 12-month trial of the yellow scooters last October.
Concerns about ‘dangerous riding’ were aired by Councillor Kevin Clarke (Nottingham Independents) who represents Clifton East.
He brought it to the attention of councillors at a Full Council meeting this week, asking what measures were being taken to deal with ‘irresponsible riders.’
Councillor Rosemary Healy, Portfolio Holder for Highways and Transport, said the scooter scheme remained popular with more than 500,000 rides since its launch.
She stressed pavement riding – which is not allowed – is “showing an increase” with 397 incidents observed by enforcement officers from June 15 to July 11.
She said around 325 parking spots are available for scooter riders to stop them being left strewn across the street.
Currently, there are 600 e-scooters for people to rent.
“Wind’s street patrollers have grown to six full time employees who target hotspots around the city witnessing pavement riding and correcting poorly parked e-scooters.
“The patrollers have reported 993 instances of inappropriate riding since the patrol team was introduced.
“On first offence riders receive a warning text message informing them they have been witnessed riding illegally – 954 users have received a first warning; users caught on a repeat second offence receive a one week ban – 46 users are on one-week bans; the final stage is a complete ban and 12 riders have received permanent account suspensions linked to criminal incidents/charges.
“Pavement riding instances are showing an increase but that is as much due to with the increased number of patrollers actively working and the continued growth in ridership and fleet size.”

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