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Is your car winter ready?

Winter is probably about to give us it's worst weather conditions,so here at Big Red Movers we make sure our vehicles are ready for it, so they don't let us or you down.

Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure your car is ready.

It is very important to keep certain items in your car over winter. A working torch, phone charger, tools,spare bulb set,window scraper and a warm blanket (I keep 3 in my car). Also make sure you know where the key for your locking wheel nuts is.

Keep your screen wash topped up and remember it is essential to keep it a strong mix in winter. I personally make a very strong mix to which I can add water to when I am out and about.

Check your oil level as well as power steering. On cold mornings "pumping your clutch can help to get fluid moving and save damage to a cold gearbox.

Ensure your coolant level is correct and again a strong mix is essential to avoid it freezing and destroying your engine. Check coolant level when the engine is cold only.

Keep your tank full of fuel in winter. Nothing worse than opening your front door to snow and realising you have no fuel in your car either.

In the mornings do not try to clear snow or ice with your wipers, this will ruin your blades or at worse break your wiper motor, a very expensive error. Check your wipers are in good condition, if they are smearing your windscreen replace them straight away.

Your tyres are the only thing that keeps you in contact with the road so check them regularly for condition tread depth and air pressure. If a tyre is getting towards the end of it's life replace it before the ice and snow comes (you will be glad you did).

Drive safely and don't worry Big Red Movers are ready for winter and ready to move you.

For more information on our removals in Nottingham, call Big Red Movers today on: 01159 868 883

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