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How To Look After Your Car During Lockdown

Leaving your car parked up or only using it occasionally can damage your cars battery. The best way to make sure your car makes it through long-term storage or significantly reduced usage is to use a trickle charger. This will stop alarms and other components from draining your battery completely.
Just keep in mind that using these devices could be impractical if your car is parked on the street as you may need to drape cables across the pavement, which can become a tripping hazard for passers-by.
If there are two cars in your household you may want to consider alternating your essential trips in them. You should also be mindful that repeated short journeys will flatten your battery faster than usual, which is even more reason to follow the government’s guidance to shop for necessities as infrequently as possible.
Most importantly, you should avoid turning your engine on, only to turn it off again shortly after.
Dashcam user? You should unplug them along with any other tech you might have, since these devices can accelerate the speed at which your battery gets drained.
You’ll need to inflate your tyres to the maximum recommended pressure found on their sidewall, as they will lose pressure over time, even if they’re not being used in motion.
If left for a long period of time this can lead to flat spots and your tyres losing their round shape, especially on older tyres.
If you think you may be leaving your car idle for a number of months, rolling it (very carefully) every so often can ensure the tyres won’t get worn unevenly.
Scrubbing your car before storing or when using it less frequently will not only help keep it looking its best, but could prevent damage further down the road.
Waxing your car can stop tree sap, bird droppings and harsh weather leaving its mark on your paintwork, but make sure you give the car a thorough clean before applying a coat.
Paying attention to your tyres will ensure brake shavings, mud and grease are removed, which can help to prevent corrosion later on. Follow our step-by-step tips on how to wash a car twice as well in half the time.
Cleaning the inside of the car is now more important than ever. If you’re concerned about the risk of spreading coronavirus, you should disinfect your interior according to our advice.
Cleaning the inside of your car is also the only way to make sure crumbs, other pieces of food and mud don’t decay or dry into the upholstery.
If your interior is left particularly dirty, it may even attract insects and vermin, leading to further damage from these unwanted tenants.

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