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Big Red Movers backs the Leave campaign

All the team at Big Red Movers without exception back the Leave campaign.

Most people will make their minds up on how they personally are affected by the EU or just go with a gut feeling.

Our personal experience is a removal industry still struggling since the 2008 recession. Though we do not blame the EU for that, we are burdened by unnecessary red tape from the EU. Most contemptuous at present is the plan to limit the number of staff allowed in a lorry cab to 2! Not much use if you are taking a full 4 bed house long distance!

Also Brussels has decided that all lorries across the EU should be built to the same size and specification. Again house removal lorries are purpose built to the size and spec of the moves  it is intended to carry out. This is pointless thoughtless interference where it is not required.

Immigration is sometimes a touchy subject but our industry is affected by it in a very negative way. Potential customers simply have no where to move too! House prices are simply beyond the reach of most. Rental properties as well as being shocking in price are simply in too short a supply also, our potential customers have no where to move too. The housing market is not working and this has also been affecting the furniture and carpet industries for years too, who rely on new home owners to buy the bulk of their products.

That is our view in brief and on June 23rd we will be voting to leave what we believe is no longer the ideal our parents and grand parents voted for with us in mind. We shall vote with our children and our battered industry in mind

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