New contract with Magenta Storage

We are now handling recycling operations for Magenta Storage in Nottingham. It is a big problem in self storage that customers simply abandon their belongings, leaving the storage company with a costly headache. Contrary to daft made up nonsense television programmes the items left in storage units are normally not even fit for car boot sales. As very experienced and licensed waste carriers, we are able to offer Magenta Storage a professional,safe,reliable and legal waste clearance service.  

Snakes Scorpions Tarantulas and even a Lobster!

Over the years we have moved many unusual items and people, in some very unusual properties. But snakes,scorpions,tarantulas, fish, lobsters, birds and more! All in one apartment! A two and a half day operation that we will talk about for many years to come for lots of reasons.

We are going to need a lot of those water containers Dave. Yes we had to collect and move the water too!

3 floors down then 3 floors up and no lifts in either building

6ft long 3ft high the biggest tank any of us remember moving

Looking back at 2016

We are running a series of look backs via Twitter this month. A chance to look back through so many photos at some of the more interesting jobs and challenging or unusual items we have moved. As well as some great days out. Take a look @bigredmovers

Happy New Year!

Wishing all our customers new and old a very happy and prosperous new year. It has been another improved year for Big Red Movers, with continued recovery and growth after the recession which really turned our industry on it’s head. We have had an eventful year, welcoming new staff, buying new vehicles and major refurbishments on existing vehicles. We have sought out and purchased new packaging products as part of our commitment to never sit on our laurels and always look for new ways to improve our business. There is no getting away from the fact that the housing market is not working properly. Sales collapsing at the last moment and constant date changes through out the process. We look forward to eventually solicitors returning to a sensible set time frame for buying and selling properties. But we have found many problems this year have been the fault of online conveyancing firms (basically a call centre using self employed often unqualified idiots) who refuse to use a phone and will only email as they know will come unstuck talking to a qualified solicitor on the phone. Our advice if your estate agent says we recommend this firm, tell them you don’t wish to line their pockets any further with back handers for recommending a firm in a call centre on the other side of the country. Find a local solicitor who knows the local area and knows you can come banging on his/her desk if they do not do the job Properly! New legislation by the government to cut the outrageous costs of moving into rented accommodation is welcome news to many in the country who are stuck in the rented cycle of amateur landlords selling up forcing them to move yet again at incredible cost. Still we feel confident about the future, our business rely’s totally on repeat business and recommendation, you will not find a paid advert for us anywhere. We move a customer and at some point we will move their friends and family because we provided such a great service at a very competitive price. That’s our business model and our customers are always happy customers! A happy, prosperous new year to all. Big Red Movers

We wish you all A Merry Christmas!

We hope customers new and old are having a really special and safe Christmas. We know we deserve a rest and hope you are all getting one too! We will be back to work on 3rd January 2017, with things back to normal operating on the 4th January. Until then you can still contact us and get a speedy reply by email. See you in the new year! The Big Red Movers

Highgrounds Paintshop produce excellent work

The 3 photos below show the various stages of the vehicle refurbishment carried out by Highgrounds Paintshop of Worksop Nottinghamshire. The vehicle had painted in the colours of Personal Storage of Nottingham, long term partners of ours. Personal Storage recently re-branded to Magenta Storage Nottingham and this meant the tired looking livery was now also obsolete. So it was an ideal opportunity to have the vehicle painted in our own colours again. The vinyl graphics are being designed presently and should be applied to the vehicle next year. We think it looks great now, but are looking forward to seeing the vinyls go on too