Try to avoid moving on a Friday

We continue to have to turn business away such is the high demand for our services. Why do we turn away business? Because everybody wants to move on a Friday and there are only 4 or 5 in a month! We always advise customers to move on a different day, it seems like a good choice then you have the weekend to unpack etc. But the reality is your preferred removal firm probably won’t be available, you will get keys to your new home much later in the day than if you had opted for another week day. Your solicitor will also like a nice long lunch break as it is Friday. If there are any serious problems these may not be sorted until the next working day in this case Monday, as various people involved in your purchase have left early for a nice weekend break. Also when your solicitor suggests exchange and complete on the same day, do as we do and laugh in his/her face and suggest they start earning the ridiculous sum they are charging you. Never agree to exchange and complete on the same day, it will end in tears, but what do we know we only do this every day!

Raj Perry Barton in Fabis

Professional service, arrived on time and moved us in and out on time very swiftly and calmly.There were access issues at the new property which BRM dealt with really well. We will be using BRM again when we relocate long distance shortly.