Hire van crashes into one of our removal vehicles in Nottingham

A couple moving themselves with a hire van crashed into one of our vehicles this week at 9.30pm at night. The couple had started their self move at 09.00 in the morning and still had not finished emptying the old house when they hit our stationary vehicle. Fortunately for us our vehicle had only slight dents and scratches, the same could not be said for the hire van. Mitch helped the driver untangle his van from the bumper of our vehicle. The couple said they wished they had never tried to move themselves, they had lost the deposit on the van plus any further costs for the repairs that the deposit may not cover. They had spent more on diesel than expected and there belongings had been damaged and become dirty from the interior of the van. They simply did not realise how long it takes to move home and how exhausting it is. Even with a removal company handling your move it will take longer than you would of at first imagined. The couple said next time they moved they would definitely be using a removal company, though we suspect they may be too embarrassed to contact us.